About Us

About Us

The Maxiflex company and product was created to help answer and resolve the increasing problems animals were experiencing with Osteoarthritis. Over the years, our supplement has been put to the test many times and received glowing reports.

Maxiflex has been manufactured since 1999 under a strict Quality Assurance process.  This guarantees that the ingredients listed on the label match the contents of each factory sealed bag.  Our products have a Use By date clearly marked and are immediately exchanged free of charge in the unlikely event that any discrepancy/fault is detected by our customers. 




Published research results regarding oral supplements indicate the following:

  • they may be a conservative and economical approach for the management of  symptoms and as a preventative against early joint disease.
  • they may promote long term improvement in joint function and reduce discomfort.


All indications are that Glucosamine Sulphate is important for both Building and Repairing Cartilage, Connective Tissue, and Synovial Fluid. 
It has been successfully used as a Joint Care Supplement for over 40 years for all Aging, Performance, Endurance, and Racing Horses together with an increasing usage for domestic pets of all types.

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